Primark under fire for selling padded bikinis for 7-year-olds

David Cameron joins the furore, as Primark removes children's padded bikinis from its shelves

Primark Oxford Circus, London-
Primark Oxford Circus, London-

David Cameron joins the furore, as Primark removes children's padded bikinis from its shelves

Conservative party leader David Cameron has branded Primark's decision to sell padded bikinis for 7-year-olds 'disgraceful', as the high street store has confirmed that it has removed the offending swimwear from its stores.

The bargain chain has now halted sales of the £4 two-pieces, after apologising for causing offence, and promising to donate all profits from the bikinis to children's charities.

A statement from the store confirmed: 'The company has stopped the sale of this product line with immediate effect. Primark will donate all the profits made from this product line to a children's charity, and apologises to customers for any offence caused.'

Primark was forced to act after facing a barrage of criticism. Cameron weighed in on the debate yesterday, commenting: 'There is a classic example today where Primark are apparently pushing padded bras on seven-year-olds, which I think is completely disgraceful.

'The sort of country I want is one where it is not just the Government that feels outraged about the early commercialisation and sexualisation of our children, but companies should stop doing it, they should take some responsibility,' he added.

Online forum Mumsnet also backed the removal of the product from Primark stores, with its founder Justine Roberts stating: 'It's very clear that parents just don't want to see this stuff on shelves.'

Mumsnet recently launched a campaign to end the production of products that will 'prematurely sexualise' children, entitled Let Girls Be Girls.

Supporting the campaign, Prime Minister Gordon Brown commented: 'All of us as parents can recognise there's something wrong when companies are pushing our kids into acting like little grown-ups when they should be enjoying being children.'

Do you think Primark was wrong to sell padded bikinis for children? Let us know your opinions in the comments box below.


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