These £35 mystery clothing boxes are supporting factory workers in Bangladesh and preventing landfill.

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  • $2billion worth of orders have been cancelled due to the pandemic, here's how you can support factory workers and prevent tonnes of clothing going straight to landfill.

    According to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), since Europe went into lockdown high street retailers have cancelled $2 billion worth of orders.

    With approximately 982 million garments either cancelled or suspended from over a thousand different factories since the Coronavirus pandemic hit. @LostStock_ estimate that those cancelled orders amount to 135,516 tonnes of clothing that’s headed for landfill or to be burned.

    Yes, you read that right. 135,516 tonnes.

    Whilst everyone is aware that fast fashion is the second most polluting industry globally, COVID-19 has really brought to attention how the production chains shipping hundreds of thousands of tonnes of clothing across the ocean is entirely unsustainable. Due to the cancelled orders an estimated 1 million factory workers in Bangladesh are out of work, with no government support nor furlough scheme to offer workers and their families support.

    It’s an environmental and humanitarian crisis.

    Feel sick? We sure did.

    Thankfully @LostStock_, an Edinburgh-based start up, have developed a concept to support both the garment workers and prevent these thousands of cancelled orders going to landfill.

    Powered by multi-retailer app MallZee, LostStock are offering a mystery clothing box containing a minimum of three items of ‘lost stock’ (from cancelled orders destined for landfill) up to the value of £70 for just £35 (including shipping).

    When you buy one of these boxes you support a worker and their family for an entire week – truly, the most feel-good-fashion possible.

    Featuring product from a mixture of brands like Topshop and Gap the ‘lost stock‘ boxes are available at £35 each.

    How do Lost Stock pick what will be in your box? Don’t panic.

    You simply answer a few questions about your clothing style and size and they’ll select the products for you and you mystery box will be with you within four-to-six weeks.

    So far over 6,000 boxes have been ordered with delivery currently available for the UK, Ireland & United States of America. Click here to buy a box.

    I’ve ordered mine and am so intrigued to see what will be inside. Tweet us @MarieClaire and let us know what you get in yours!

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