Lily Allen gets US makeover

Lily Allen goes American glam

Lily Allen, is that you?

The Smile singer has gone uncharacteristically preened for her American invasion, debuting a new look last night, as she performed on the Jay Leno show.

Gone are the messy bangs and bum-flashing frocks, and in their place full voluptuous curls, a sweeping fringe and a chic sugar pink fringed dress.

Flawless make-up and a glowing spray tan complete Lily’s high glamour look, which screams old Hollywood.

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Luckily the star has retained a spot of her signature style. The nails may have been manicured, but she forgoes pretty-pretty PINK for a deep dark purple.

And though the shoes were in girly lilac, their massive platform and vertiginous heel ensured they maintained a stylish edge.

Lily, we like! Keep up the good work, or at least, keep the US stylist!


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