Kate Middleton has never worn this colour in public

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  • We all have a colour we just don’t like wearing. For instance, I have a friend who always wears black, and I used to have an aversion to pink (too girly?), though I’m slowly adding it to my wardrobe now.

    It turns out the Duchess of Cambridge is just like the rest of us, as there is a colour she doesn’t ever wear in public, a fact Harper’s Bazaar discovered after paying close attention to all of her outfits, ever (and in case you were wondering, she never wears wedges either, for this reason).

    The colour Kate seems to dislike is orange. It’s not that she dislikes bright hues, as she has worn pretty much every other colour under the sun since being in the public eye, from pink to red, yellow and blue.

    Kate Middleton dresses

    Picture: Rex

    She simply has chosen to avoid orange altogether, and the closest she’s ever come to it is a peach hue worn in 2013, when she was pregnant with Prince George.

    Now the Queen HAS worn tangerine before, so we know that it’s not one of those weird rules she has to follow, like not wearing tracksuits or having to wear tights.

    Nope, I think this is simply a question of Kate not liking that colour in particular, and I don’t really blame her.

    It really is a tricky shade to pull off.

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