How much do celebs get paid to attend catwalk shows?

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  • We’ve got our hands on a list of the fees that celebs bag for being snapped front row during fashion month… And it’s quite some sum...

    We’ve got our hands on a list of the decidedly large fees that celebrities are paid in order to attend catwalk shows. Read on to find out who bags the biggest pay cheque!

    If you thought that being perched on a front row pew during fashion month was nothing more than a divine privilege that no one would dare turn down, then you’d be sadly mistaken.

    For the likes of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and our favourite Gossip Girls, it’s just another part of the day job.

    Yes, they actually get paid to put in an attendance – and paid rather handsomely at that.

    It’s little surprise seeing as celebrity appearances pull in the paparazzi, and after all, what is a new collection without that little extra publicity?

    Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Leighton Meester front row during fashion week - Marie Claire

    Those eagle-eyed fashion fans at Fashionista have delved into the depths of the industry to compile this little list – so read on to find out who makes the front row A-list, who’s relegated to the dreaded catwalk D-list, and just who gets the biggest pay cheque out of being snapped in one of those coveted fashion show seats…


    Rihanna ($100,000 or more)
    Beyonce ($80,000-$100,000)
    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ($80,000 each)
    Julianne Moore ($60,000)
    Maggie Gyllanhaal ($60,000)
    Chloe Sevigny ($60,000 or more)
    Jennifer Lopez (circa 2005: $80,000; circa 2010: $30,000)
    Lindsay Lohan (circa 2006: $60,000; circa 2010: UNINVITED)
    Colin Firth (pre-A Single Man: $5,000; post-A Single Man: $15,000)


    Blake Lively ($50,000)
    Leighton Meester ($40,000)
    Hilary Duff ($40,000)
    Other Gossip Girl cast members ($25,000 a piece)
    Jared Leto ($25,000)
    Clive Owen ($10,000)
    Kristen Bell (unpaid, but airfare, makeup and clothing are taken care of)


    Kim Kardashian ($35,000-$50,000)
    Amanda Bynes ($25,000-$30,000)
    Eliza Dushku (unpaid, but airfare, makeup and clothing are taken care of)


    Paris Hilton (free or uninvited)
    Jersey Shore cast (uninvited)
    America’s Next Top Model Winners (free)

    Shocked or unsurprised? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!


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