22 Trends You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In The 00s…

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  • You had THE Tiffany heart charm bracelet.

    Fashion was really on your radar if your grew up in the 2000s. You were all about a great style reference – that was, in between chillaxing in your bedroom on your inflatable chair, probably writing in your diary with your smelly gel pens and waiting for your internet to dial up so that you could update your MySpace page.

    These are the ones we need to revisit right now…

    You had THE Tiffany heart charm bracelet.

    You wore your Von Dutch trucker hat on the regular, just like Paris and Nicole.

    You owned Juicy Couture everything. The tracksuits, the t shirts, the rain absorbing toweling bags. Nothing could stop you in your quest to be your softest, most velour-covered self.

    You wore UGGs for best. Even on a warm day, with shorts.

    JD Sports was your daywear outfitter of choice. You longed for that new baby pink McKenzie hoodie.

    You tried a bandana, possibly one with diamantes on it. Sometimes you wore it on your head, sometimes as a top, such was its versatility.

    You probably doused yourself in JLo’s first celebrity fragrance, Glow, or maybe Britney’s Curious too.

    You bought all of your sparkly cocktail ensembles from Tammy, or Jane Norman when you were feeling really grown up.

    You had one of these woven silver belts and wore it super low slung over harem pants.

    You wobbled around a lot in platform flip flops…

    Every outfit looked better with enormous hoop earrings.

    Mischa Barton was your IT girl. And the OC was your dream life.

    …As was Laguna Beach. You needed Lauren Conrad’s polished, sophistication in your own wardrobe, plus those guys gave the best life advice. 

    You straightened your hair until it was poker with a crimper/waver/straightener triple-threat device. 

    Sometimes, you flicked out the sides and added butterfly clips for special occasions.

    Or did braids…

    Or added stripy highlights a la Atomic Kitten / Xtina.

    The day jeggings were invented was a great day. Finally, new ways to take your denim addiction to the next level.

    If a bag wasn’t covered in logos, it basically wasn’t your thing. Louis Vuitton, Coach, the printed Fendi Spy… girl sure knew how to rock a monogram.

    You never had quite the right bra to go with that halter neck party top.

    In fact, you really should never have tried the whole clear straps thing at all.

    At least people could see your crystal tattoos though, right?

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