Disney is launching a pet collection that includes clothing for you and your dog

disney dog collection

If you were thrilled by the news that you can now get your hands on matching dog shirts for you and your pet pooch then what's coming next will excite you more than cuddles with your fur baby after a dull day in the office.

News alert: Disney has released a pet collection which includes matching clothing for you and your canine.

It features some Disney dog favourites, including a pup jumper with Charles Muntz's golden retriever Dug from Up, Prince Eric's English sheepdog Max, German shepherd Bolt and Lady from Lady and the Tramp. Oh, plus the footstool pup from Beauty and the Beast even makes an appearance. It comes with a matching tie-dye sweater for owners.

disney dog collection

There's also an Oh My Disney Dogs Denim Jacket covered in the good boys and girls from 101 Dalmantions which comes in at £50. A barking bargain.

As if that's not enough, you can also get your paws on matching dog bowls and mugs because matching pet and owner items should not be limited to clothing.

Disney shared the news on Instagram, writing: 'Put your paws together for the Oh My Disney Disney Dogs Collection, designed to celebrate the @disneypets that are too good and pure for this world.'

Everything will be available from the Disney stores and online at shopdisney.co.uk from Monday 29th July.

We're ready.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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