'The fastest way to a bikini body? Lay your bikini out the night before so you can put it on quickly in the morning'

Spoof Instagram guru Deliciously Stella shares her best lifestyle tips...

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Spoof Instagram guru Deliciously Stella shares her best lifestyle tips...

Deliciously Stella, brainchild of comedian Bella Younger, has taken the social media world by storm with her 'healthy eating' tips which poke fun at the #EatClean brigade. Now with 117k followers and a celebrity fanbase that includes Ashton Kutcher and Jamie Oliver, we quizzed her for some, er, lifestyle tips...

Got any nice almond milk smoothie recipes?

'Well! We all know you can’t milk an almond. Believe me I have tried! As almonds don’t have tits, my suggestion would be to put cow’s milk, peanut butter, marzipan and Malibu in a Nutribullet and blast! It’s delicious and the marzipan really gives it that almondy flavour.'

I’ve just bought a spiralizer, what shall I make?

'Spiralizers are great for making pasta alternatives. It’s amazing what you can turn into noodles! I use mine to make chocetti using Mars Bars or Twirls. If you use Crunchies the offspray tastes like bee pollen.'

What's the fastest way to a bikini body?

'The fastest way to a bikini body is to lay your bikini out the night before so you can get it on as quickly as possible. Then step out onto the beach or by the pool and you’re ready to go!'

What super ingredient are you really excited about?

'The superfood I’m most excited about for this year has got to be Supernoodles. They’re such a great source of carbs, salt and MSG.'

How do you make sure you get your 5-a-day?

'Getting your 5-a-day is so important. A colourful diet is a healthy diet so one of my go-to foods is Skittles. If you can’t find Skittles then Starburst is a great alternative. Just make sure that the sweets you eat are fruit flavoured and you’re away.'

What do you snack on to prevent getting hungry mid-afternoon?

'I love energy balls. Spherical food is the only way to bring me back from the mid afternoon slump. My favourites are by Ferrero Rocher and Lindor, but any round sweet treat will do.'

What’s the new kale?

'Cake is the new kale. That’s why I started my movement, #CakeNotKale to highlight how brilliant cake is for getting your glow from the inside out. Nothing cheers me up like when someone leaves at work and you have cake to celebrate that they’ve been fired.'

Who is your diet inspiration?

'My diet inspiration is Jennifer Lawrence. She cried after the Oscars because they delivered her the wrong pizza. I think she might be my spirit animal.'


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