Debenhams bans airbrushing for ads, and reveals tricks of the trade

Debenhams announces it will use unairbrushed images as it reveals 'before and after' campaign pics

Debenhams Airbrushing before
Debenhams Airbrushing before

Debenhams announces it will use unairbrushed images as it reveals 'before and after' campaign pics

Debenhams has taken a stand against airbrushing, and revealed the tricks of the trade by releasing a 'before and after' airbrushed image from its latest swimwear campaign.

Laying bare the digital enhancements made in many advertising images, the shot shows how the model's body would have been altered by the airbrush, reducing her waist, slimming arms and legs, boosting her cleavage and plumping her lips.

The side-by-side pictures will be displayed in the department store's flagship Oxford Street branch window with the banner, 'We've not messed with natural beauty; this image is unairbrushed. What do you think?'

Debenhams Airbrushing before

Debenhams Airbrushing after

Debenhams has vowed to ban all airbrushing from future campaigns and fashion imagery.

Mark Woods, the retailer's director of creative and visual commented, 'We want to help customers make the most of their beauty without bombarding them with unattainable body images.

'Our campaign is all about making women feel good about themselves, not eroding their self belief and esteem by using false comparisons. Not only does it make sense from a moral point of view, it ticks the economic boxes as well. Millions of pounds a year are spent by organisations retouching perfectly good image,' he added.

Debenhams window

Join the Debenhams debate! Would you welcome the end to airbrushing - leave your thoughts in the comments box below.


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