PICS! Before & after: Britney’s airbrushed Candie’s ads

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  • The singer has bravely released the original shots from her latest Candie's ad campaign, alongside the digitally-altered final pictures

    Britney Spears has boldly agreed for the original photos from her latest shoot for Candie’s to be released alongside the final retouched copies.

    And you’ve got to give it to her. The girl’s brave.


    Britney made the move in order to highlight the pressure so often put on women to look perfect, allowing us to see her for all un-airbrushed glory.

    And comparing the images side-by-side, we can see exactly which little nips and tucks the Candie’s team gave Ms Spears, before releasing the final ad campaign.

    From the front-facing shot, it is clear that Britney’s legs have been slimmed down considerably, with the final picture giving her computerised thighs and thinner calves, as well as a noticeably smaller waist.

    The bruises from her right leg also appear to have been zapped, while her skin tone seems to have been brightened and evened-out.

    Before and After: Britney Spears

    The back-shot of the 29-year-old, shows equally dramatic alterations.

    While the same trick has been applied to even-out her skin tone, Britney’s whole body looks far more svelte and streamlined in the ‘after‘ pic, in comparison to the ‘before‘ shot.

    While all traces of that pesky cellulite have been removed, to be replaced with entirely blemish-free skin, Britney’s bum looks to have been replaced by an almost unrecognisable, perkier rear.

    Before and After: Britney Spears

    What do you think of the images? Is this a brave move for Britney? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!



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