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This is the reason buying jeans is so god awful

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  • We feel totally vindicated.

    Words by Penny Goldstone

    Buying jeans is the absolute worst. Even worse than buying lingerie (controversial we know).

    Not only do you have to be a sodding detective to decipher the labels (don’t get us started on European sizes), but finding a pair that fits is like catching a unicorn. Nigh on impossible.

    Now, in a viral Facebook post that has vindicated us all, a girl from Yorkshire has proved that there’s an actual reason buying jeans is so god awful.

    Lucy Horsley shared a snap of two pairs of jeans she bought on the high street, with one looking slightly larger than the other.

    Standard, you might say. Except on closer inspection, in turns out the jeans are the SAME size, just labelled differently by New Look and River Island.

    buying jeans

    Venting her (understandable) fury on the site, Lucy wrote, ‘So the black jeans are a size 14 from New Look and the blue ones are a size 18 from River Island. How on earth can the bigger size be smaller?! No wonder so many girls have confidence issues and hate buying new clothes, why can’t the sizing be the same in every shop??’

    Naturally, most people were as shocked as we were, but others pointed out that it was probably because the jeans weren’t the same style.

    Lucy was having none of it though, adding this little zinger to the post, ‘NOTE – as this seems to be causing arguments, both of these jeans are high waisted, super skinny and super stretchy with the exact same fastening.’

    So there you have it, size really does mean nothing. Basically, next time you’re shopping for denim, just grab the entire rack and hope for the best. That’s all we can hope for.

    Lucy Horsley from Yorkshire, you are all of us right now.

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