We can tell what lingerie you buy based on where you live

We can tell what lingerie you buy based on where you live

Northerners, we like your style!

Words by Penny Goldstone

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, there’s no doubt we’ll all be stocking up on some cheeky lingerie.

But whether that’s a lacy bralet or French knickers depends entirely on where you live, it turns out.

A new lingerie map from Lyst shows us what 12 different cities across the UK shop for and it’s truly fascinating.

For example, Londoners splash out an average of £55 on a piece of lingerie, with a penchant for lace bralets, preferably in black.

Meanwhile, up in Edinburgh, women prefer balconette bras in nude tones, with a price tag no higher than £40.

Leeds is all about black thongs, while Dubliners are partial to pink French knickers.

But it’s not all about frilly lingerie, as women in Bristol favour the classic sports bra or crop top over anything else.

We’ve also got the lowdown on what’ll be flying off the shelves beyond Valentine’s Day, with corsets and fishnet socks expected to make a comeback this year. Kinky.

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