Say hello to the Arket girl

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  • And why you'll want to be her

    You’ll probably know all about Arket by now, you know, Cos and & Other Stories’ little sister, which has single handedly created mass hysteria amongst the style crowd, weeks before even opening.

    Now the day is almost upon us, because the first physical store on 224 Regent street is opening on Friday 25th August, and you’ll be able to shop the collection online at Arket too, just in case you don’t fancy elbowing your way to Scandi chic perfection.

    Because that it is. It’s as minimalist and stylish as you’d expect, but the concept of Arket is about so much more than that, it’s about the lifestyle. It inspires you to be a cooler, more minimalist version of yourself, in other words, the Arket girls. Let me explain.

    1. The Arket girl is a born minimalist

    As much as we harp on about streamlining our wardrobes, achieving the minimalist style can be hard. The Arket girl was born that way, and she’s got a wardrobe to match.  The store presents you with a core collection of elevated basics that does all the hard work for you. I’m not lying when I say that a good shop there will sort your wardrobe out for years. I’m talking impeccably cut coats, cashmere jumpers, oversized shirts and the likes, all in muted tones from grey and camel to khaki.

    Shop now: Slim-fit regimental shirt for £59 from Arket

    Sure, you’ll have your seasonal collections in store, which will be more of a playful take on trends, and definitely more colourful. But those basics will see you through life.

    2. The Arket girl knows how to work a trainer

    You know that Scandi girl look with the checked coat, blouse, jeans and trainers that was so rife at Copenhagen Fashion Week? The Arket girl basically started it. But that doesn’t mean she can’t work it into other outfits too. She’ll be wearing her Stan Smiths with a pleated floral skirt and cashmere turtleneck too. Because she’s that cool.

    Shop now: adidas Stan Smith trainers for £80 from Arket

    3. But she knows how to do elegant dressing

    Just because the Arket girl can work a trainer doesn’t mean she can’t dress smartly either, she just does that the same way she does everything else, in a paired back, effortless fashion. She’ll be that girl who stands out in her super simple black silk dress, paired with mismatched gold earrings and perhaps a minimalist heel.

    arket silk dress

    Shop now: Satin strap dress for £59 from Arket

    4. Her closet is every OCD girl’s dream

    The Arket store is as sleek as I expected it to be. It’s spacious, light, and the clothes are beautifully curated and presented. The are stacked on shelves and graded by colour (if you’re OCD like me, that’s the dream), or they are neatly folded on polished wood tables, alongside Instagram-worthy homeware.

    In other words, the dream closet.

    arket store

    5. Her bathroom is always Instagram ready

    Did I mention Arket does beauty products as well? The packaging is minimalist of course, and the fragrances are a nod to Scandi destinations too (they do think of everything). I’m particularly obsessed with the pine-scented hand cream.

    The Arket girl will of course have those neatly stacked onto a white-washed wood ladder in her bathroom, which will also include monochrome tiles and some ferns to add that touch of outdoors to her bathroom. Finally, there will be gold accents to make the bathroom totally Insta-worth.

    Shop now: Hand wash for £17 from Arket

    6. Dinner at hers is sleek, minimal and always on point

    The store also has a café where you can sip on organic coffee and feast on your Nordic vegetarian cuisine (you will basically want to spend the entire day there). But naturally, the Scandi girl offers all this and more at home.

    Shop now: Linen striped tablecloth for £69 from Arket

    She will have a long wooden table, set with mismatched plates in shades of blue and green, and decorated with wild foliage. She will serve simple but elegant meals such as Gravlax drizzled with organic olive oil from the store.

    7. Her kids could give Suri Cruise a run for her money

    Shop now: Striped merino jumper for £39 from Arket

    Because Arket organises your whole life, it also looks after your kids too, thanks to chic kidswear. Like the women’s and men’s lines, it encourages gender neutral clothing. There are certainly dresses and jumpsuits, and pinks and blues, but a lot of it is simple Breton tops and shades of cream and grey to suit both boys and girls.

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