Emma Watson has opened up about her fascination with kink culture and her take on relationships

Here’s everything to know…

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Here’s everything to know…

Emma Watson is one of the most talked-about women in the world, making viral news for everything from her tips on looking after your community during the coronavirus outbreak to her important words on feminism.

One of the things Emma is most praised for is her openness when it comes to sex, speaking out a few years ago about her subscription to OMGYes, a website stocked with instructional videos on how to make women orgasm.

This week, Emma was smashing even more sex taboos, as she opened up about her preferences in an interview with Valerie Hudson for Teen Vogue.

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'I've also kind of become slightly fascinated by kink culture because they are the best communicators ever,’ the 29-year-old explained during the interview. ‘They know all about consent.'

And going on to talk ‘self-partnering’, a divisive term she coined, Emma explained how its invention came about, revealing that it was a way of dealing with the 'pressure that [she] had to be married or have a baby’.

'There was no word for this kind of subliminal messaging and anxiety and pressure that I felt building up but couldn’t really name, so I used the word self-partnered,’ she explained.

'For me it wasn’t so much about coining a word,’ she continued. ‘It was more that I needed to create a definition for something that I didn’t feel there was language for, and it was interesting because it really riled some people up.’

Like we needed a reason to love Emma Watson more.

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