Throwback to: Emma Watson raving about this sex education website

There are 12 ways to make a woman orgasm, according to OMGYes...

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There are 12 ways to make a woman orgasm, according to OMGYes...

While chatting to Gloria Steinem at a conversation event in London a while back, Emma Watson revealed that she subscribes to OMGYes, a website stocked with instructional videos on how to make women orgasm- and we're still not over it.

'I wish it had been around longer. Definitely check it out,' said Watson. 'It's an expensive subscription but it's worth it.'

The OMGYes website features a series of how-to videos and interviews with real women, not actors. Each woman is an authority on her own orgasm and is treated as such, revealing what turns her on in the most straightforward terms whilst demonstrating her particular technique on camera and offering insights in to how she enhances her pleasure solo, or with a partner.

The site smashes taboos surrounding female sexuality and treats the female orgasm with an unprecedented seriousness: tackling the complexities surrounding the ways in which women experience pleasure with honesty and no shame.

OMGYes is also a welcome antidote to expectation-distorting mainstream porn, and Hollywood stereotypes that perpetuate the idea that all women can reach orgasm quickly and from penetrative sex alone. This provides a wealth of information on the many, very nuanced ways women like to be stimulated.

The site’s founders (in partnership with researchers at Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute) conducted extensive interviews with 2000 women in American between the ages of 18 and 95 to discover more about women’s pleasure.

Following this investigation they determined that there are 12 ways to make a woman orgasm and commissioned videos unpacking these various techniques so that anyone with internet access could benefit from the insights.

The site also features ‘touchable’ videos – essentially you can play with an interactive photo-real vulva that responds to the swipes of your fingers. It enables you to practice the techniques before trying them out on yourself, or a partner. According to the New York Daily News, OMGYes membership is currently split 50/50 between men and women.

Even if you are in possession of female genitals it may still come as a surprise that there are 12 different ways for a woman to achieve an orgasm. The videos make for enlightening and empowering viewing.

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