Victoria Beckham lands spot on Gossip Girl!

VB is going to make a cameo appearance in the next series of the hit US show

Victoria Beckham - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Victoria Beckham - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
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VB is going to make a cameo appearance in the next series of the hit US show

Victoria Beckham is set to Spice up the lives of those Gossip Girls and guys, and film a cameo for the US series.

We couldn't be happier. Our favourite fashionista appearing on our favourite television show!

The producers are really upping their game of late, with the signing of some serious guest stars, following the revelation that Lady Gaga is also going to be putting in an appearance on the Upper East Side.

But according to sources, this latest genius collaboration is all thanks to Blake Lively. The pair were introduced at the presentation of VB's new collection last month in New York, where the designer admitted to being a huge fan of the show - and before you know it, Blake had persuaded both her and the producers to agree to a cameo. Hurrah!

With her designs having already featured on the show, it's highly likely that she'll be sporting one of her own creations in the scenes due to be filmed this week.

She isn't an actress and wanted her role to be very tongue-in-cheek,' says an insider from the show. ‘An idea for her to play Ed Westwick's long-lost mother was quickly vetoed. Victoria joked that she'd rather play his long-lost love interest!'

We think the latter sounds far more exciting! After a satirical turn as herself in Ugly Betty, we have high hopes for this latest small screen outing from our fave fashionista.


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