Ulrika Jonsson welcomes new baby

Ulrika Jonsson has baby no.4

Marie Claire Celebrity News: Ulrika Jonsson
Marie Claire Celebrity News: Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson has baby no.4

Ulrika Jonsson has given birth to her fourth child, it was announced today.

The star welcomed her second son, Malcolm Monet, brother to Cameron, 13, Bo, seven, and Martha, four – all born to different fathers – on Saturday night. He weighed in at a very healthy 10lbs.

Ulrika said of the arrival: ‘I’m delighted and hope my family is now complete!’

The Swedish TV star, 40, wed Malcolm’s father, Brian Monet, a US advertising executive, in March, making it the third time she has tied the knot.

Jonsson's first child, Cameron, was the product of her five-year marriage to cameraman John Turnbull.

She has a daughter, Bo, from her ill-fated relationship with German hotel boss Markus Kempen, and another daughter, Martha, by second husband Lance Gerrard-Wright, whom she met on her TV show Mr Right.

Ulrika was cruelly labelled a ‘4x4’ mum when she announced her latest pregnancy, but has hit out at critics claiming she was picked on because she is a woman, pointing to famous dads like Rod Stewart, who has been married three times and has seven children but has not been vilified in the press because of it.

She said: ‘I don't give any thought to the fact that I will have four children by four fathers.

'I have three amazing, beautiful children. The fact that relationships with their fathers didn't work is not solely my responsibility.’

She added: 'I never had my life planned out - obviously - but I had always dreamed of having lots of children at my feet and rather cherished the idea of a large family.’

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