This Is What It's Like To Share A Name With Beyoncé...

There’s ANOTHER Beyoncé out there.

Chanel Paris Salzburg Party
Chanel Paris Salzburg Party
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There’s ANOTHER Beyoncé out there.

Beyoncé is hitting the headlines this morning - but not the Beyoncé you think. Photographer Brandon Stanton interviewed a girl called Beyoncé for his blog Humans Of New York, and the resulting profile shed BRILLIANT light on what it’s like to share a name with a global celebrity.

‘Sometimes I hate my name because it always draws attention to me, and I’m not a very social person,’ real gurl Beyoncé concedes. 

‘I was so scared the first day of school that someone would notice me. I wouldn’t even adjust my seat because I thought it would make a noise. When the teacher started calling attendance, I got really nervous, because every time people learn my name is Beyoncé, somebody starts singing Single Ladies. And some did, of course. But the second day of school wasn’t too bad. Because everyone knew my name.’

But it was what happened next that is sending the story viral. On the Humans Of New York Facebook page, the best comment feed ever started up. Other regular citizens who share names with celebrities began weighing in, showing their support for the new queen Bey.

‘Girl you don't know how many people ask me if I play tennis!!’ a Serena Williams kicked off to a resounding hell yeah of 20,000+ likers.

(Image: Beyoncé, on Humans Of New York)

‘Always being asked if I found my Ross yet...’ Rachel Green wrote, after Katherine Holmes said ‘Katie Holmes here. Tom Cruise and little Suri are doing great.’

Will Smith, Chris Brown, Ka(i)ty Perry (‘I know this feeling’), Kelly Rowland (‘I feel you honey!!’) and Victoria Elizabeth Beckham (‘Just posh here’) all added their comment, showing their sympathy. Imagine if the real deals got to meet their namesakes?

And then MORE real people contributed.

‘If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about my diary...’ added Bridgett Jones.

‘I have to use my boyfriend's name when making a lot of reservations because people think I'm lying,’ said Jane Bond. ‘Then they ask me if my dad's name is James. And it is.’ Killer.

But it was when Jim Socks and Jack Haas said their piece that we felt really really bad. That was before Tanya Boob Kluck weighed in with the final blow.

‘Beyoncé isn't bad! Try having the last name of Boob, and then join the Army as a Private. Yes, Private Boob!’