9 Of The Best Celebrity Valentine's Day Instas

So this is what the A-list all got up to on V-day...

Olivia Palermo Valentines L
Olivia Palermo Valentines L

So this is what the A-list all got up to on V-day...

If you're anything like us, Valentine's comes and goes without too much fanfare; a heart-stamped card from Hallmarks here, a few cheap chocolates there. Maybe a take-away or a Groupon meal for two if we're lucky. But if you're an A-lister, the romantic festivities on February 14th must be epic, super-glamorous, and documented for all to see. We're talking helicopter rides, genetically modified flowers and obligatory cutesy selfies aplenty.

These are the celebrity valentine's love-declarations you need to know about...

1. Kylie Jenner Donning a pink wig and hopping into a helicopter for a casual ride around NYC with her boyfriend Tyga was how the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family spent her February 14th. Totally not jel. At all.

2. Khloe Kardashian These aren't just run of the mill red roses people, and Khloe wants you to know. These are actually luxury, hand-selected, last-for-more-than-a-year roses (don't ask us) which have been put together by a 'foral design specialist' to secure the highest 'specifications and standards' according to the Venus et Fleur site. Oh right, then.

3. Olivia Palermo Posing with her hubby of two years, Johannes Huebl, Olivia looked like she'd enjoyed a chilled day out somewhere but didn't divulge too much info, choosing instead to just wish her Instagram followers a 'Happy Valentine's.'

4. David Beckham Looks like the Beckham's favoured a more low-key celebrity Valentine's day and celebrated together as a family judging from David's epic Instagram post of all the food in the world, ever. He also wrote: 'Happy Valentine's Day eve. Great wine, the most amazing food as always and time spent with family and friends...'

5. Liv Tyler IT'S A BABY WITH CHOCOLATE, PEOPLE. The actress shared this adorable photo of her son with the biggest box of chocolates we've ever seen.

6. Amy Schumer Funny girl Amy is usually cracking jokes with new boyfriend Ben Hanisch on Instagram, but chose instead to share this candid snap of them chilling out on a sofa somewhere with the simple caption: 'Valentine'. Who said celebrity Valentine's Day posts had to be outlandish?

7. Mariah Carey I mean, did you expect to see Mariah in her PJs on February 14th? Nah. The diva posted this shot of her with fiancee James Packer ahead of her Vegas show (where she's landed residency) and wrote: 'Happy Valentin's Day darling'.

8. Zoe Salanda Posing with husband of three years, Marco Perego, Zoe shared an adorable Shakespeare quote on her Instagram and wrote: ''I would not wish any companion in the world but you'' The Tempest – W.Shakespeare'. Now that's romantic, eh?

9. Kim Kardashian The socialite shared a video of her wrything around on a bed of rose petals on her Instagram (naturally). Although we can't confirm whether it was filmed on Valentine's Day and whether or not these roses will last for more than a year as well.

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