SPOTTED! Kate and Owen in Paris

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson's romantic rendez-vous in Paris

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson
Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson's romantic rendez-vous in Paris

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson this weekend further fuelled rumours they are back together by enjoying a romantic jaunt to Paris – the city of love.

The stars seemed to be rekindling their rocky romance and – hiding behind hats and dark glasses - enjoyed a tour of the city on bikes.

The You, Me & Dupree co-stars started dating in 2006 and first split in 2007, shortly before Owen allegedly tried to take his life.

US reports suggest the pair rekindled their romance as far back as November 2008, but have been keeping it under wraps.

One source said: 'They have always been friends but decided to give things another go a couple of months ago and now they are closer than ever.

'Owen is so happy he's got another chance of giving their relationship the go-ahead.

'He was the one who initiated their original break-up which was something he soon regretted and part of the reason he tried to end his life.'

The source puts the reunion down to Owen's 'new-found maturity'.

'When he first started dating Kate it was a big step for him. He was the fun-loving Hollywood playboy and then was asked to put that all aside and settle down.

'Things are different now. Owen was 'happy go lucky' before his breakdown but is now extremely private. He prefers less public ventures now and Kate likes this new-found maturity.'

We think they make a super-cute couple!



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