Scarlett Johansson has no regrets over failed marriage to Ryan Reynolds

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  • Scarlett Johansson has spoken out saying marrying actor, Ryan Reynolds, was the 'best thing I ever did'

    Scarlett Johansson has spoken out about marrying actor Ryan Reynolds, branding it ‘the best thing I ever did’.


    The Lost In Translation star has spoke out in an interview with U.S Cosmopolitan, revealing that her relationship with Ryan was ‘the best thing I ever did’.

    The 27-year-old actress said: ‘I’m a big believer in instinct. Getting married was the right thing to do because it was natural – when something feels right, you should do it.’

    Johansson said her 2008 wedding, ‘grew out of a romance and love and a desire,’ and ‘to have a future with somebody and I was very fortunate that I married somebody who turned out to be the person I thought he would be.’

    The Avengers star did admit, however, that her marriage to Reynolds wasn’t easy at times.

    ‘Relationships are complicated, and being married is a living, breathing process. I think I was not fully aware of the peaks and valleys. I wasn’t prepared to hunker down and do the work.’

    The celebrity couple divorced in July 2011, just before their third wedding anniversary, which Scarlett puts down to their work schedules, ‘both of us were extremely busy. We spent so much time apart.’

    But the actress says she has no regrets about getting married, ‘It seemed like a very romantic thing to do, and it was. It was the best thing I ever did.’

    Johansson also says she learned a lot from her failed marriage to the 35-year-old.

    Although the star is currently single, she says she learnt what is needed to make a marriage work, ‘You have to be very confident and solid within yourself to have a successful marriage.’

    The Iron Man 2 star also revealed to the magazine she is keen to move away from seductive, blonde bombshell roles she has played in the past.

    She said, ‘I’ve been turned off by that – as a 19-year-old girl I was very eager to play into that. Why not? You’re 19 and you’re feeling fabulous and young. I don’t know that I could have sold myself as a character actor at 19.’

    In Scarlett’s new film, Under The Skin, she is barely recognisable as she swaps her blonde locks for a brunette wig in the spooky new sci-fi movie, saying she wanted to do more roles like this that focus less about ‘being an object of desire.’



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