Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Celebrity beauty secrets that will change your beauty regime forever

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  • We unveil the beauty tricks of the celebrities who put the 'art' into party

    When it comes to beauty and skincare, not a day goes by without a new beauty ‘trick’ being dished out; from alternative ways to use a beauty blender to things you never knew you could do with Vaseline (seriously, there are loads), but prepare to have your mind blown with these celebrity beauty secrets that are literal game changers.

    From skin secrets to make-up hacks, the A-list are well-placed to offer up this kind of advice, seeing as they get face time with professional make-up artists and skin-care experts on a weekly, if not daily basis. In fact, we’d be slightly worried if they didn’t have a few celebrity beauty secrets stuffed up their sleeves.

    If you always find your make-up sliding throughout the day (we’re talking about eye-shadow that literally creases after 30 minutes) and an oily t-zone that just won’t be tamed, then take your cue from these A-listers who are masters at perfecting long-wear make-up.

    Jessica Alba swears by ColorStay Foundation from Revlon, thanks to its liquid, long-lasting formula that never looks cakey. Hey, if it’s good enough for a red-carpet appearance, it’s good enough for us. And if you take the CBA approach to false eyelashes, Tallulah Harlech is all about lining the upper inner rim of your eyes with kohl liner to create a blow-out, false lash-effect look.

    Surely, our favourite celebrity beauty secret has to be Victoria’s Beckham’s recent revelation in Net-A-Porter’s The Edit, about how important salmon is to her diet. We all know that fish is an important facet of healthy diets due to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and is also a great Vitamin D food (in fact, it’s arguably one of the most Vitamin D rich food out there), but we didn’t know just how important it was for skin care until we read her musings.

    So whether you’re looking for celebrity beauty secrets for skin or hair, or celebrity product recommendations, we’ve got you covered.

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