Psst: You can buy the Royals favourite beauty product for £7.99

Now this one's a good'un

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Now this one's a good'un

Everyone loves the Royals (especially us).

So, naturally, we take it upon ourselves to stay up to date with the latest Royal news. Whether it's the reported Prince Harry and William rift, Harry and Meghan's brand new website, or new stats on how much Diana's engagement ring cost, you name it, we're interested. And reporting on it. You lucky things.

Next in the lineup of very interesting Royal news you need to read ASAP? The Royal's go-to nail varnish. Oh yep.

They have their pick of every beauty product, ever. Yet, excitingly, their favourite nail product is surprisingly affordable.

So the story goes, the Queen herself requested this particular colour and brand way, way back in 1989. That's according to Glamour magazine. The tale came to light while discussing her notorious dislike of non-natural nail colours. So much so, her hairdresser revealed that, for one event that year, she specifically asked for a particular nude shade of Essie nail varnish.

She was after the baby pink Ballet Slipper, which is available at most pharmacists for as little as £7.99. *Adds to basket*.

It seems she's not the only Royal who loves the shade, with Kate Middleton and Princess Beatrice touting very similar colours for their wedding days.

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What about Meghan, we hear you ask? Although rumours flew that she wore the same, sources shared that she went for the same shade but from a rival brand.

"We're incredibly proud that the Queen and Kate Middleton have enjoyed our products over the years," said a spokesperson for Essie nail varnish in 2017. "Ballet Slippers is by far one of our most popular shades, and it’s great to see it has a loyal following amongst all."

Go on, treat yourself. If it's good enough for Her Royal Highness... we reckon it's definitely good enough for you.

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