Princess Charlotte's first handshake and curtsy will melt your heart

A lesson in how to be regal. From a two-year-old...

princess charlotte's first handshake
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A lesson in how to be regal. From a two-year-old...

At just two-years-old, Princess Charlotte is already a paragon of diplomacy. The littlest royal and her older brother Prince George have been taken on tour with their parents and while stepping off the plane in Poland on July 17, Princess Charlotte charmed her hosts with a handshake. A couple of days later, she also bust out her best curtsy, which caused the internet to spiral into a stream of heart eye emojis. Yes, we're an easily pleased bunch.

Carried by her mother Kate Middleton off the plane, Charlotte was initially quite shy. It wasn’t until one of the officials stopped to address her directly that she offered him her hand, with all the gravitas of her grandmother Queen Elizabeth. You can see the quick moment on the video below at roughly the 1 minute thirty second mark.

George appeared a little grumpier than his sister, scuffing his feet on the roll out carpet and hanging onto his father’s hand. (Hey, we’ve all been there after a long flight.) He's been known to be a bit naughty, for example he was scolded by his mother stepping on the train of Pippa Middleton's Giles Deacon wedding dress, but let us not forget, that royal or not, he's still a three-year-old boy with three-year-old tendencies.

While it was previously reported that Charlotte’s first diplomatic handshake was in Berlin, that was actually a couple of days afterwards on July 19. It’s no less adorable though.

However, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the next video. En route to Germany from Warsaw, Princess Charlotte’s adorable curtsy was captured on camera - and everybody standing around her missed it.

Look at that little plié! That blue smock dress! She was also later gifted a tiny floral bouquet to match her mother's much bigger arrangement, which she proudly touted around the airport runway.

princess charlotte's first handshake

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The royal family are currently in Germany, where they have been greeted by Angela Merkel and been shown around some of the country’s sights. They started off their tour in Berlin and will be touring other parts of the country.

At the moment, they’re more specifically in Heidelberg rolling pretzels - the Kensington Palace Twitter feed is a thing of beauty.

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