Prince William shares adorable unseen photos of the Cambridge children

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Last week, photos of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis meeting their idol, Sir David Attenborough, went viral. The Cambridge children had a sweet conversation with the broadcaster, and he even gifted George a shark tooth which he found in Malta in the 1960s.

Their sweet meeting came just before Prince William's documentary, Prince William: A Planet For Us All, aired on ITV. The Duke of Cambridge aimed to highlight growing environmental issues, and spoke to Sir David in Birkenhead last year alongside Kate Middleton, when the royal couple admitted that their three children were 'massive fans'.

During the film, William urged everyone to 'get on top of it' and 'be more vocal and more educational about what's going on' in the natural world, and he also discussed how fatherhood gave him a 'new sense of purpose', saying: 'Now I have got George, Charlotte and now Louis in my life – your outlook does change.

'You want to hand over to the next generation, the wildlife in a much better condition.

'I always believe it is possible to give young people hope and belief that things can get fixed. I have the belief that if we all work together, we can make a difference.'

The documentary also saw the father of three sharing adorable unseen photos of his children gardening. There was a photo of George using a spade in the garden, one of Charlotte taking a flower from a pot to plant into the ground and another of Louis playing on the beach.

William said: 'Seeing my children, and seeing the passion and the love for being outdoors. They love watching how the bees are forming the honey.

'George particularly, if he's not outdoors he's like a caged animal. He needs to get outside.'

During the documentary, the Duke also opened up about his worries for his children, adding: 'I really want to make sure that, in 20 years, George doesn’t turn round and say, 'Are you ahead of your time?' Because if he does, we’re too late.'

Prince William: A Planet for Us All is available to watch on ITV Hub.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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