Prince Harry took his puppy to work and it was the cutest


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Just before they announced that they are expecting their first child, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that they had welcomed a new puppy to their family. The couple already shares Meghan's Toronto-born Beagle, Guy, but decided to get another pet pooch late last year, and it was reportedly known as the Kensington Palace Labrador until sources claimed that its name is Oz.

However, Meghan and Harry haven't confirmed the dog's breed or name, with Harry revealing during a trip to Sussex last year: 'No one’s even seen our dog!'

Meghan added: 'I know, and they keep getting her name wrong!'

While the pup hasn't been spotted out and about in public before, when Harry decided to go to work with a puppy this week it had the whole world wondering if they'd caught the first ever glimpse of their second dog.

The Duke of Sussex was in Birmingham to unveil a new memorial to remember the lives lost during two terrorist attacks in Tunisia that took place in 2015.

Harry arrived in the Midlands via helicopter, and one royal fan captured footage of the dad-to-be alighting the chopper with a puppy in tow. However, considering that he was on official royal duty, the dog wasn't seen with Harry during the day and was reportedly kept with staff while he was working.

In a video shared on Twitter, the dog can be seen running about - although it hasn't been confirmed that it's Meghan and Harry's puppy, Twitter believes that it's the very same.

It was initially thought to be Guy, however one user pointed out that Meghan's Beagle looks a lot older, writing: 'It’s not guy. Guy is older now. That’s a young dog. I believe it’s a spaniel of some sort - maybe a springer or working cocker from the way it’s running.'

Many think that as it's not a black Lab as previously reported, that it may not belong to the couple - however, considering they haven't confirmed any details about their newest pup it could well be.

All we can say is - more pup pics, please.

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