Meghan Markle's make up artist was showered with praise by Prince Harry on their wedding day

He also shared how to recreate her look...

meghan markle's make up artist
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He also shared how to recreate her look...

When the first few snaps of Meghan Markle during her nuptials to Prince Harry hit the internet, people quickly lost their minds over her fresh-faced look. Hop onto YouTube and you’ll find thousands of Meghan Markle wedding make-up tutorials for fans clamouring to learn how to channel their inner Duchess and it’s not just royalists who adore the look - apparently Prince Harry gave her make-up artist top marks too.

Daniel Martin, the maestro behind Meghan’s wedding #FOTD, said to InStyle, ‘After the ceremony Harry kept saying thank you. He was thanking me for making her look like herself.’

Her minimal look allowed her natural beauty shine through - as well as her gorgeous freckles, which have prompted some people to get Meghan Markle freckle tattoos. (We’re not joking.) Martin, who’s a brand ambassador for Dior and also works with Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty brand, even shared how to master the look with InStyle.

meghan markle's make up artist

(Image credit: REX/Shutterstock)

Combining radiant skin, a chocolate smoky eye and rosy pink blusher and lips, it’s a look he called ‘a very light, fresh, modern bridal look’. We’ve actually put together a little guide to snagging Meghan Markle’s wedding make-up products, though you’re not likely to find any over the top highlighters in it.

Daniel explained, ‘The last thing you want [is] to look at your wedding pictures and go, “Remember when highlighting was the rage?” At the end of the day, you want to look like your best self.’

If you’ve got your own wedding coming up, he also dropped some sage words of wisdom about what to think about when you’re getting ready to serve some lewks.

When asked what the most common mistake most brides make was, he said, ‘[Brides think] that they need to do so much to their skin. A lot of people don't realize that you don't need a lot [of product]. You know, 'My makeup is breaking up. It's not lasting.' Because you've applied too much to your skin.’

Well, when in doubt, take a leaf out of Meghan’s book and go for less when slapping your face on in the morning. Now if he could just tell us how to keep our make-up from sliding off in this cruel summer heat, we’d be eternally grateful...

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