Meghan Markle is 'too well known to do normal things' with baby Archie

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals earlier this year, and have since relocated to California with their one year old son, Archie Harrison.

Although they initially moved overseas to Canada, the Sussexes are now living in Los Angeles. While they are looking for a permanent home they are renting Tyler Perry's $18 million mansion in the area, which includes a swimming pool, landscaped gardens, eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

The couple hoped for a 'paparazzi proof' home, but they had issues with drones reportedly 'operated by photographers' back in May.

A friend of Harry and Meghan told the Daily Beast: 'They see these drones coming in at them, and they guess that they are being operated by photographers, but they can’t just assume that. Meghan received racist death threats at the time of her wedding, so the terror threat is very real for them.

'Imagine if you were in their shoes facing that, how that would feel? To have drones buzzing around 20 feet above your head when you are trying to play with your son?'

According to a friend of the Duchess, Meghan is finding it hard to do 'normal things' with her son as she's 'too well known' and feels unable to attend things like mum and baby classes.

The source told the Daily Mail: 'Meghan said Archie needs to learn emotional and social skills by being around other young children, something he can't do with adults.

'Meghan said she would love to be part of a 'Mommy and Me' community, but knows this is impossible even if there was no COVID-19 because of who she is. She said she's just too well known to do normal things.'

Meghan has reportedly been enjoying chatting and meeting people virtually during the lockdown, and the Sussexes have been working hard to support those in the area, delivering food to the most vulnerable and talking to charities and various individuals over Zoom.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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