Megan Fox and boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly often drink each other’s blood

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Machine Gun Kelly drops subtle hint he has married Megan Fox
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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's romance has been at the forefront of many headlines, from their engagement rumours, their impressive connecting jewellery to their blood drinking ritual.

MGK - whose full name is Colson Baker - proposed to the Jennifer’s Body actor in January this year, two years after they met on set of Midnight in the Switchgrass in 2021.

In their engagement video the couple revealed they drank each other's blood.

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The post read: "In July of 2020 we sat under this banyan tree. We asked for magic. We were oblivious to the pain we would face together in such a short, frenetic period of time. Unaware of the work and sacrifices the relationship would require from us but intoxicated off of the love. And the karma.

"Somehow a year and a half later, having walked through hell together, and having laughed more than I ever imagined possible, he asked me to marry him.

"And just as in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes. …and then we drank each other’s blood."

However, this was not the first time Megan, 35, and MGK, 32, drank each other's blood, and it is a ritual they "occasionally" carry out.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, Megan said: "Yeah. So, I guess to drink each other’s blood might mislead people or people are imagining us with goblets and we’re like Game of Thrones, drinking each other’s blood. It’s just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other’s blood on occasion for ritual purposes only."

While Megan - who has Noah, Journey and Bodhi with her ex Brian Austin Green - has admitted they have "just a few drops" of blood, her future husband is "much more haphazard" about the spiritual ritual.

She continued: "I’m much more controlled. I read tarot cards and I’m into astrology and I’m doing all these metaphysical practices and meditations. And I do rituals on new moons and full moons, and all these things. And so, when I do it, it’s a passage or it is used for a reason. And it is controlled where it’s like, ‘Let’s shed a few drops of blood and each drink it.’ He’s much more haphazard and hectic and chaotic, where he’s willing to just cut his chest open with broken glass and be like, ‘Take my soul'. Maybe not exactly like that, but a version of that has happened many times."

Obviously, drinking any blood is not medically advised. So don't try this at home.

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