Madonna: Lourdes to be an actress

Madonna admits that daugher Lourdes is desperate for a career on stage or screen

Lourdes Ciccone dressed as her mother - Madonna
Lourdes Ciccone dressed as her mother - Madonna

Madonna admits that daugher Lourdes is desperate for a career on stage or screen

She may have had a starring role in mum's latest video, but that's where Lourdes pop career may start and finish, says Madonna.

The Queen of Pop says her 12-year-old daughter does not want to follow in the family business and become a pop star.

'I don't think she wants to be a singer. I think she wants to be an actress,' admits Madge.

'I'm fine with it as long as she finishes school and takes it seriously.'

Lourdes is currently enrolled at the Manhattan Professional Children's School to help kick-start her career.

She recently appeared in Madonna's Celebration video, dressed up in the Like a Virgin outfit made infamous by her mother.

But if the acting career doesn't quite take off, Madonna, 51, is confident her girl will shine in another creative field.

'She also plays piano and she's really into clothes and fashion and style. She can go in any direction,' the singer told PopEater.

Lourdes's unique childhood should also have prepared her for a life in the spotlight.

'She's been chased by the paparazzi since she was a tiny baby,' says Madonna.

And Madge is adamant she is not going to become a pushy stage mother. She says, 'I'm not pushing anything. We'll see what she wants to do.'

Whatever happened to being offered nurse, teacher or librarian at school?!



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