This is what a day in the lockdown life of Lisa Rinna looks like

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Celebrities have been sharing their lockdown experience, from Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie talking about their feel-good outfits, to others opening up about the mental health impact it has had on them.

Now actress Lisa Rinna is telling us how she uses it to embrace the positives in her life.

What is a day in lockdown like for you?

It's pretty much the same every day. I get up with a prayer, and try to start the day positively by meditating. I do an exercise class at 8am, called Isaac Boots Torch'd workout, it's live on Instagram and it's 45 minutes of joy, and it has helped me more than anything during this quarantine time. It's a lovely community. He started this donation for No Kids Hungry, and when he began he was at $5,000, and now he's at about $240,000.

It keeps my mind clear, as well as my body and shape. Then I do a bit of work, emails, Zoom calls, interviews like this. Then I go for a walk or a hike, come back and work in the garden as we're trying to grow one. The kids are here, so it's been really nice to have family time, which is lovely as we became empty nesters in September and now they're back!

I still do QVC, so a couple of times a week I'll do a Skype call and it's been great to work in some capacity. I've also been readings lots of books, watching movies and TV shows. Harry [Lisa has been married to actor Harry Hamlin for 23 years] will cook dinner, we'll play some games, go to bed and start it all over again the next day!

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What have you been wearing?

I think it's good to make a bit of an effort, otherwise you go down the sweatpants rabbit hole and that doesn't help anybody. I found my outfit of choice, which consists of low sweatpants, which are a cross between smarter pants and sweatpants, they're cute, and then a muscle t-shirt, or a Re/Done tank top, then my Lisa Rinna Collection cardigan over it, and I would say I wear that five days a week. It has to be comfortable but I still have to look cute in it.

Let's talk about your dance videos, have you got a favourite?

That is a tough question, they all come out in different moments. But maybe, the one I did in the Kim Kardashian SKIMS onesie, that's pretty funny, that was pretty out there. I also like the first one I did with Harry at the computer, dancing around him.

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Can we expect a Harry/Lisa dance routine?

He gets the biggest bang for my buck for sure, people love it when he's in the videos. You never know what we're going to come up with, but I've got a feeling that the next time you're going to see me dance around him, there's probably going to be a surprise.

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What shows have you been watching on Netflix?

I started with Tiger King like everybody else. I binge watched Babylon Berlin, it's a German production and it's really good. I love a good crime drama and The Staircase was really fascinating. I love Ozark, and we're currently watching Dead To Me.

Favourite lockdown meals?

Harry is the cook and that's that, he's a great chef. We like to have Taco Tuesdays, those are my favourites, and Fridays are Free For All Fridays, so you eat leftovers or fend for yourself. Chicken Piccata and Spaghetti Bolognese are my favourites, then I like when he does hamburgers or steaks, he cooks vegetables, it's nothing complicated but it's clean and good.

Do you have any wellbeing tips for everyone else going for this?

It's really difficult, mental health is so important and this hasn't been easy in any way, shape or form and for me doing yoga and meditation has helped. Reading a passage from a spiritual book or something like that every day has helped, something positive. It's so easy to be negative in the circumstance, so it's about not letting your mind go to that dark place, looking at the positives, there are a lot that have come out of this.

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