Celebrities share mental health struggles during lockdown

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  • 'We're standing with you and we're going to get through this together'

    Amid the coronavirus pandemic and isolation, our mental health is more fragile than ever. To address mental health struggles and in a bid to encourage people to talk about their mental health experiences, various celebrities have been supporting a video challenge titled, ‘how are you, really?’.

    Kicking off proceedings on May 15 – May being Mental Health Awareness Week – supermodel Kendall shared a video on Instagram about her mental health story, saying, ‘I have been doing a lot of thinking during quarantine, mostly about mental health and how important it is – especially in these times. I have good days and I have some really anxious days. I’m off and on.’

    Kendall is a supporter of The Mental Health Coalition, a new initiative that brings together celebrities, influencers, nonprofits and brands to change the conversation on mental health by asking people to take on the #howareyoureallychallenge.


    The challenge’s objective is to reduce the stigma around mental health and to use real stories to hopefully help others facing their own struggle. Because the more we talk openly as a society, the more we can help destigmatise mental health.

    Also on Instagram, Hailey and Justin Bieber shared their feelings of motivation and fear. Hailey said, ‘Some days I feel really scared and nervous about the future and other days I feel really motivated and hopeful. But there are days that feel really challenging and it’s hard to get out of bed and feel motivated to do anything.’

    Opening up about his own mental health struggles, Justin added, ‘There are days when I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and then there are days when it’s like, when is this going to end? The point of this challenge is to let you know, you guys aren’t alone. We’re standing with you and we’re going to get through this together.’

    Meanwhile, our contributing fashion + wellbeing editor Hayley Hasselhoff, who recently launched Self-care Sunday’s with HH on Marie Claire‘s Instagram, revealed, ‘This has been one of the most challenging weeks for me in yet in quarantine. I’ve been overly tired, unmotivated, and instead of judging myself I’ve allowed myself to acknowledge my emotions, process them and try to be the best I can be the day forward. Please do ask yourself the question: how are you, really?’

    Finally, singer-songwriter Kesha said the hardest part of the pandemic has been not being able to control the circumstances around her or protect the people she loves. ‘I think something I’ve learned is nothing in life truly is in my control,’ she said. ‘So the more I can surrender to that, the less anxious I’ll be.’

    ‘How are you, really?’ is definitely a question we don’t ask enough. We always politely ask how our friends, family and colleagues are, but it’s rare to fully reveal our feelings in the answer. So this Mental Health Awareness Week let’s be sure to be honest and open.

    For more information on taking care of your mental health or getting help for you or a loved one, get in touch with the NHS recommended mental health helplines and visit the Mind charity website.

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