Leonardo DiCaprio on the exact moment he knew Margot Robbie would be a star

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Margot Robbie famously slapped Leonardo DiCaprio across the face during her audition for the role of Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street, earning her the role (and a host of open-mouthed film types).

Despite the improvised 'whack' as Margot puts it, the pair became good friends during filming and are now both starring in Quentin Tarantino’s latest offering, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood.

During an interview with The Sunday Project, Leo opened up about working with the I, Tonya star again and revealed the exact moment that he realised the Australian actress was going to be a mega star.

Remember the scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where Margot's character throws a glass of water at Leo? Yep - that was the moment.

'On Wolf of Wall Street, seeing Margot come in and read that scene with me I just knew I was witnessing a dynamic presence in cinema that was about to be,' he said.

'[Martin] Scorcese and myself were blown away by how much she gave back to the scene, fought back and we both immediately knew she was going to have an incredible career.'

Margot also spoke about her excitement at getting a second chance to work with the Titanic star, saying: 'I couldn't believe it happened the first time. Then when I went to work with Leo again it was kind of ridiculous.'

However, the pair didn't film as many scenes together in Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood.

'I'm more like a presence as opposed to someone throwing water in your face constantly,' Margot laughed.

These two.

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