FIRST LOOK: Kate Moss as guest star in Absolutely Fabulous

The model pokes fun of herself in special Sports Relief instalment of cult comedy show

(Image credit: Ray Burmiston/Comic Relief)

The model pokes fun of herself in special Sports Relief instalment of cult comedy show

Kate Moss has teamed up with Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley for a special Absolutely Fabulous episode in aid of Sports Relief. Ab Fab fans you are in for a treat! The cult comedy show is back for a one-off charity special, and there are some pretty big celeb cameo's in store...

Supermodel Kate Moss, 37, will star as herself, as will designer Stella McCartney and model David Gandy, when the three meet with Joanna Lumley's boozy fashion director character, Patsy.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Saunders' PR boss character Edina 'Eddy' Monsoon, will be joined by Emma Bunton as she attempts to hit the gym for Sports Relief with celebrity trainers Linford Christie and Colin Jackson.

Joanna tells The Sun: 'It's not every day we get to see Eddy and Patsy in close proximity to a treadmill, so make the most of it. Some real superstars have been hauled in to appear with us in this sketch so we're hugely grateful.

'Kate slotted into the Ab Fab sketch a treat.'

While Kate adds: 'I had a great day working with the Ab Fab team – Jennifer and Joanna were so much fun. Sport Relief does such a great job, I am always really happy to support them.'


A source also told The Mirror: 'Kate was really excited to get involved with the show. She's a real fan and always quotes it with her mates.

'She sees the parallels between her life and Patsy and Eddy's, and she finds it really funny.

'When she got the script, she squealed with delight. She thinks it's brilliant, and she likes having a giggle at her own expense,' the source adds.

We cannot wait!