Hayley Hasselhoff just became the ever first plus-size model to pose for Playboy

Our columnist shared: 'I'm so proud of myself for wanting to celebrate my body'

Hayley Hasselhoff becomes Playboy's first ever plus size model
(Image credit: All photos Ellen von Unwerth for PLAYBOY Germany.)

Our columnist shared: 'I'm so proud of myself for wanting to celebrate my body'

This week, Marie Claire UK columnist Hayley Hasselhoff has made history by posing as Playboy's first ever plus-size cover model.

Appearing on the cover of Playboy Germany's May issue, the 28-year-old model, who has always been plus-size and advocated for body positivity, shared that it was an important milestone as it made waves in the 'bigger movement.'

The photos were shot in Paris back during lockdown.

It marks a significant moment for the body positivity and even body neutrality movements, as Hasselhoff highlights. She shared with MailOnline that it's all part of the 'bigger movement' working towards embracing bodies of all shapes and sizes.

She shared: "There are a few photos that are tastefully nude where I'm topless."

"At the beginning there were pieces of me like "oh Playboy…" and then I had a think and I was like 'oh cool!' I get to make this movement for curve women during a global pandemic and let them know they have every right to celebrate their bodies."

"Looking at those images, I have to say there were definitely moments on set where I was apprehensive because it was my first time ever shooting something like this."

"It was one of those moments where you have a thought bubble and that apprehensiveness – but then that positive thought came back in and said 'hold on a second, that's the whole reason you're here today'."

"The day was fun but I look back at it more as empowering – I felt very empowered when I left set, I felt like I was grounded and had taken ownership of my body."

"Everybody there knew it was for a bigger purpose: being able to showcase that women can be desired and loved no matter what shape or size they are."

"If you're a size two to somebody that's a size 16 to 18, your body doesn't have to be objectified if you celebrate it in such an artful way. I am very, very proud of the photos – I think they look gorgeous."

We couldn't agree more. Daughter of American Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff and actress Pamela Bach, the curve model shared with MailOnline that her parents have only ever been supportive of her glamour modelling and career path.

She shared: "'My dad is very supportive in the choices I make for my own career. My mum and my dad are always very supportive in everything that I have done."

"You have to remember I've been in this industry since I was 14 and I've been a curve model since I was 14."

"To see the progression of where I've gone, to where I am today, I think they're both very, very supportive and they believe in me and all the choices I make in my own career, just like I do for them."

Touching on the final images from the shoot, Hasselhoff discussed the lack of retouching and how proud she was of her natural body when she initially saw the finished product.

Hayley Hasselhoff becomes Playboy's first ever plus size model

"It's a tricky topic for me because do I agree with retouching our bodies to unhealthy lengths that aren't necessarily a representation of who we are? Definitely not!"

"That's one of the best things about this shoot – looking at my body, that's my body! And I'm like hell yeah girl, that's you, that's you all the way! I look at that cover and I'm like my bum looks amazing!"

"Playboy wanted to represent the first ever curve woman coming on and being able to say this is your body, this is your true figure – and my boobs are amazing, they have a great shape to them – and I'm so blessed Playboy wanted to be able to amplify what I already have."

Playboy Germany's May issue, which Hayley appears on the cover of, is out April 15th.

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