Harry and Meghan show the Queen 'how much Archie is growing' over video calls

Following the announcement that they were stepping away from the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved overseas with their one year old son, Archie Harrison. While the family initially spent time in Canada, they relocated to California, first renting a mansion in Los Angeles before settling in the quiet seaside town of Montecito this summer.

However, the Queen is said to be missing her great grandson, Archie, but royal biographer, Sean Smith - who recently released Meghan Misunderstood - has opened up about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stay in touch with the monarch while they are overseas, explaining that they enjoy showing the Queen just how much Archie has grown since they left the UK.

He told Fabulous: 'I presume they [the royal family] have Zoom calls and she [Meghan] participates in them.

'Particularly with the Queen I understand, showing how much Archie has grown this week.'

He also added that he would be 'surprised' if Meghan spoke regularly to Prince William and Kate Middleton now that they live in different countries, saying: 'Whether they have any contact with William and Kate, I don’t know. I’d be surprised.'

However, he believes that Meghan is happier in Los Angeles than she was in the UK, continuing: 'One of the first things said when she went back to the US was, 'It is good to be home', and I think that speaks volumes.

'I don’t think it is a secret that she was isolated.'

Harry and Meghan are believed to be spending the festive season in the US this year, with the Prince reportedly 'excited for his first American Christmas'.

The biographer added: 'There was never any question of them coming over for Christmas. Why would they want to? Her mum is in California and Archie is safe and well there.

'Why would they want to come over here at a difficult time. I’m not even sure the royal Christmas will happen this year.'

The royal family is yet to announce their plans.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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