These are the five foods that the royal family will never eat

What do you eat if you're a royal? Queen Elizabeth II's favourite foods include chocolate biscuit cake and fresh fruits like peaches and strawberries, and we know that Princes William and Harry enjoy a cheeky Nando's.

The royal Christmas dinner also sounds like a treat - a hearty breakfast, turkey lunch and a buffet in the evening.

But the family also avoids a number of foods, and you might be quite surprised by the ingredients you'll never find at Buckingham Palace.

Although it's usually a recipe staple, the Queen has banned garlic from the royal kitchens. Former royal chef, Darren McGrady, revealed that the chefs at the Palace are forbidden from plating up anything with too much onion or garlic.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall also once said that garlic is avoided at official engagements, too, admitting: 'Garlic is a no-no... You always have to lay off the garlic.'

The Queen is not a fan of pasta, rice and potatoes either, with McGrady confirming that she prefers to eat a meal consisting of meat or fish and vegetables.

But don't serve the monarch rare meat - she is not a fan. The former chef revealed that she likes her meat well done, and the rest of the royal family must not eat the likes of steak tartare on official business to avoid food poisoning.

Prince Charles also banned foie gras in the royal households in 2008 over concerns of animal welfare, with the royal's Deputy Master of the household announcing to an animal rights activist: 'I just wanted to reassure you that The Prince of Wales has a policy that his chefs should not buy foie gras.'

Lastly, the family is warned not to eat shellfish. Former royal butler Grant Harold told Woman & Home: 'It is a very sensible move to abandon having seafood when out and about on public duties.

'We don’t want a member of the Royal family having a serious reaction to food poisoning, especially if [they are] on an overseas tour.'

So if you ever find yourself dining with the Queen, don't expect any garlic, pasta, rare meat, foie gras or shellfish.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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