Fergie becomes a great-aunt as niece gives birth on Prince Andrew's birthday

All the details you need to know on the newest addition to the family

Fergie becomes a great aunt as a new Royal baby is born
Fergie and Andrew smile and wave at the races
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All the details you need to know on the newest addition to the family

Words by Ally Head

It's been a pretty big few months for the Royal family, this week included. Not only has Prince Andrew celebrated his 60th birthday, with Princess Eugenie sharing a moving tribute to her father, but they've welcomed a brand new Royal baby to the family, too.

That's right: Andrew's ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, welcomed her niece's baby into the world on the very same day her ex-husband celebrated his birthday.

She became a great-aunt, as her sister Jane's daughter Ayesha Makim-Specker gave birth to her first daughter, who they've decided to call Poppy.

Whilst Poppy isn't strictly a Royal family member as she's on Fergie, not Andrew's, side, she'll still be a relation to Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, who are.

Baby Poppy now joins Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Harry and Meghan's son, and Louis Arthur Charles, Kate and William's youngest son, as the youngest Royal family members. Not forgetting Lena Elizabeth Tindall, Zara and Mike Tindall's youngest daughter who was born in 2018. (Read our theory on how Zara could have helped Meghan and Harry to stay in the UK, while you're here).

The baby is Ayesha and husband Sacha Specker's first child. Both live in South Africa, where Ayesha, who previously modelled, now works as a health coach, and Sasha works as a photographer.

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'She is so special to me,' the Duchess told the Diary last year. 'She has done so well with her marathon running and has a fabulous husband, Sacha.'

Ayesha has indeed been a keen runner since she was a child, competing at the Regional cross country championships, as well as State and Nationals. She shares a lot of her marathon and triathlon training on her Instagram, running both road and trail races and completing many events, including three ultra marathons, countless half marathons and ten marathons. She finished the Boston Marathon last year in a speedy 3 hours and 26 minutes.

Fergie's sister and Ayesha's mum Jane took to social media to share her excitement, writing: 'Bring on the nappy changing.' Congratulations to the family and both new parents.

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