Dannii Minogue tweets: 'Woo hoo, I'm gonna be a mummy'

Danii Minogue tweets her delight as pregnancy confirmed

Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith tweet baby job
Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith tweet baby job
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Danii Minogue tweets her delight as pregnancy confirmed

With her pregnancy finally out in the open, Dannii Minogue tweeted her delight yesterday, writing: 'Woo hoo I'm going to be a mummy!'

And the whole Minogue clan was quick to join in! Dannii's boyfriend, Kris Smith replied, 'Woo hoo I'm going to be a daddy!,' then sister Kylie got in on the act, writing: 'Congratulations to my sister Dannii and her partner Kris on the happy news!!!! I am so excited to be an Aunty again!! WOW WOW WOW!! xxx'

The pregnancy was confirmed yesterday by Dannii's publicist, who commented via a statement: 'Dannii and Kris are very excited and can't wait to start their family in 2010... Dannii had her 12 week scan this week and was given the results today with the all clear to make an announcement.'

The baby is due this July, and its arrival has already cast doubt on whether Dannii will return to the X Factor hot seat. Auditions will start in July, which means Ms Minogue could return, but it would be with her newborn in tow. 

Now the rumour mill has spun into overdrive with whispers on who might replace the Aussie star, with Robbie Williams and Mel B reportedly amongst the forerunners.



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