Everything we learned about Adele at one of her last Wembley gigs

Pom-poms, chin hair and chicken nuggets


Pom-poms, chin hair and chicken nuggets

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Adele is coming so very close to the end of her fifteen month world tour. The 29 year old has just two gigs left at Wembley Stadium before she heads home to 'chill out', and during her final performances she has been opening up about everything from her 'husband', Simon Konecki, to what she really thinks of the Love Island contestants.

She might have been making an outrageous amount of money while belting out her legendary tunes with those impressive pipes, but she admitted that she may never tour again because she's a 'real homebody'.

So if you managed to get tickets for (possibly) her last tour dates ever at the iconic London venue, then WELL DONE! But if you didn't, then fear not - this is absolutely everything that happened at Adele's Wembley gig so you can sit back, put 25 on repeat and imagine you were there without the two hour queue to get on a tube afterwards (you're welcome).

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Adele will start over if it's not completely right

Remember that time she was performing a tribute to George Michael at the Grammys and stopped? Well if she's singing to 100,000 people in her hometown and she starts off a bit wobbly because she's 'really f*****g nervous', she will stop everything and start again.

A few seconds into One and Only, her third song of the night, she did exactly that before joking: 'I had to start again, I sounded like Pee-wee Herman.'

She admitted she sells pom-poms on Etsy

Adele admitted that in her spare time she's become a pro at making pom-poms. So much so, that she's started selling them online.

'I've started an Etsy shop,' she laughed. 'I'm so good at making pom-poms. I'm a natural. I think it might be my calling in life.'

Well at least we know she'll be keeping herself busy if she's serious about never touring again.

She pretty much confirmed she IS married

Throughout the show, Adele kept referring to her partner, Simon Konecki, as her 'husband.' But the first time she mentioned him, it was followed by a sudden pause and a murmur of: 'Oh... s***.'

We think the cat is most definitely out of the bag, now, love.

Adele with her husband Simon Konecki

Credit: Rex
(Image credit: Rex)

And that Beyoncé has had her twins

So we've been speculating for a while, and after Bey's dad's less-than-subtle tweet we were all pretty sure anyway. But when a fan asked Adele if she was planning to collaborate with her idol, she responded with: 'I think she's a bit busy with the twins right now.'

Adele is an advocate for ladies with chin hair

We've all tweezed a rogue hair and panicked that a full-on beard is imminent - right? Adele was discussing how she recorded the theme tune for James Bond's Skyfall she was heavily pregnant which affected her vocals.

'This song is really low, because I was really pregnant and it turned me into a man,' she laughed. 'I had a deep voice and I even grew a beard. I had to give it a good pluck yesterday as my make-up artist warned that you lot probably didn't want to see it on the big screen.'

Oh, and she has her own gang of James Bonds

During the performance of Skyfall, approximately 500 (okay, maybe like 20) men in black came and circled her, looking eerily at the crowd. Then they left the stage pretty much immediately afterwards. Why? Well, because - why not?

She had to work out three times a day before the Golden Globes

The gorgeous green dress that Adele wore to the Golden Globes didn't come without sacrifice. She admitted that in order to wear the garment, she had to work out a ridiculous amount and avoid eating chicken nuggets.

'I wore a beautiful green dress by a fancy Parisian brand, Givenchy, to the Golden Globes. I looked really good, but in order to wear it I was working out two or three times a day,' she admitted. 'There was only a certain amount of material left so it had to fit.'


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But now she's over dieting

Confirmed by her constant threat to walk off stage and go to McDonald's for chicken nuggets if anyone booed her.

Adele spent nine hours in a fish tank 'for you lot'

Throughout the concert, videos played on huge circular screens above Adele. One video featured her floating around in water in a flowy red dress, and although it looked artistic AF it actually wasn't that glamorous.

'I look really good, like Kate Winslet and the Little Mermaid,' she laughed. 'But I spent nine hours in a fish tank. My hands and feet were so wrinkly they cracked, and it was all for you lot,'

She broke her swearing record

Despite saying she was going to reign it in because both her nans were there, she managed to squeeze 56 swear words into the two hour show beating her previous record of 33 at Glastonbury in 2015.

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Adele is excited to finish touring and spend time with her son

It's not the first time that she's hinted she won't be touring again, but while onstage she spoke about 'hanging up her shoes' for a while to concentrate on family life.

She said: 'I've got a couple of shows left, but when it's all over I'm excited to go off and just be a mum.'

She made shocking admissions about the Grenfell Tower fire

Adele has been visiting victims of the fire, as well as the firefighters who helped on that tragic night, and she used her platform to encourage people to donate money to the people who need it. However, she also claimed that the victims aren't getting enough support.

'They're not receiving the things we think they are. It's a f****** mess. No information is getting through, people feel helpless. No one knows what they're doing down there, it's chaos.'

Adele had everyone belt out the last song...

Imagine 100,000 people singing Someone Like You to a backdrop of thousands of phone lights. Magical.

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Before driving off in an actual black cab

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Because, London.

Oh, Adele. Could we love her any more?!

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