Are these the adorable names that Beyoncé and Jay Z have given their twins?

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  • N'awwww

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    It’s been just a couple of weeks since George and Amal Clooney welcomed their twins into the world, naming their little boy Alexander and little girl Ella for this sweet reason.

    But it seems they have some competition in the celebrity baby stakes as Beyoncé and Jay Z have reportedly also been wrapped up in the arrival of their own twins.

    Since the power couple announced their pregnancy with that Instagram post back in February, the world has been waiting for news of the Carter-Knowles twins’ arrival. Bey’s dad appeared to break the news when he tweeted (and consequently pinned) ‘They’re here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday’ alongside a picture of balloons and signed off ‘love, Granddad’. Subtle.

    It seems the newborn babies have arrived but are reportedly being kept in hospital as their premature births mean they are receiving light therapy for jaundice, according to reports by TMZ.

    Throughout her pregnancy, fans speculated that Queen Bey’s outfits were a nod to the twins’ sex. From the announcement photo shoot to her more recent Instagrams, Beyoncé has been sporting a mix of pink and blue leading fans to believe that she has had a boy and a girl.

    Now celebrity website Media Takeout has claimed that Bey and Jay have already named their bundles of joy and have revealed that they have chosen Shawn Jr (Jay Z’s real name) and Bea (Beyoncé‘s nickname).

    Their names were apparently leaked by an insider who no doubt wanted to quash rumours that they’d be picking a unique colour and plant combination like Turquoise Algae or Platinum Leek as the Bey Bey name generator may have us believe.

    The news of their arrival – and monikers – has yet to be confirmed by Bey and Jay, but we’re sure they’ve got something epic up their sleeves when it comes to the official announcement.

    Over to you, Beyoncé

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