Must-Watch: Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebrities

Famous people do brilliant impressions of other famous people. Here's the proof

Sure, this lot are multi-talented entertainers, so it follows that they’re bound to be really good at pretending to be other people. No suprises there. But when they pretend to be each other – celebrities impersonating other celebrities – there’s something utterly thrilling about the whole charade.

Here are the industry’s best and most famous mimics, assuming the identites of other really well-known people. A recipe for addictive entertainment. Promise.

Ariana Grande

Singer Ariana is also an accomplished and unstoppable impersonator (see SNL for proof
Christina Aguilera

Christina impersonating Britney Spears singing This Little Piggy Went To Market to the tune of Hit Me Baby One More Time
Bradley Cooper
Kevin Spacey
Matt Damon

Benedict Cumberbatch

Ok, so Adele

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