5 Exercises To Get A Toned Tum (That You Can Do Anywhere)

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    Sometimes it’s not easy to find the time to exercise and if it’s not a part of your day-to-day routine already then committing an hour or two to it, can be off-putting. So I’ve teamed up with my amazing trainer Harry Jameson to create a 5 minute workout to tone your tum and get you those washboard abs you’ve dreamed of!

    There are exercises for your obliques (AKA those sexy side abs we often see Gigi Hadid flaunting), your lower abs and your six pack and you don’t need any equipment which means you can do this ANYWHERE. So, let’s get to it…

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    The Side Plank

    1. Place your forearm directly beneath your shoulder.
    2. Lift your hips up high.
    3. Stay strong for 30 seconds then change sides.

    For a more advanced option, lift your top leg and arm at the same time. Once you get stronger you can increase your time to 45 or 60 seconds on each side!

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    The Russian Twist
    1. Lay flat on the floor with your arms spread out straight at shoulder height.
    2. Lift your legs to 90 degrees and then lower towards your left armpit (as low as you can go without letting your hips lift up off the floor) and then bring them back slowly to centre.
    3. Repeat on the right side and repeat this 10 times.
    For a more advanced option do this with your legs out straight!

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    The Bicycle Crunch
    1. Lay on the floor with your legs out straight and lifted slightly off the floor. 2. Curl up until you feel tension in your abs with your hands bent behind your head.
    3. Rotate your waist and bend the opposite knee so your elbow and knee meet each other.
    4. Swiftly move from one side to the other 20 times.

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    Oblique Mountain Climbers
    1. Get into a plank position with your wrists directly underneath your shoulder.
    2. Bring one knee in to meet the opposite elbow (without moving your arms) and repeat on the other side.
    3. Do this 15 times on each side.

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    Abdominal Extension
    1. Lie on your back with your arms stretched out behind you and your legs out straight in front of you with your legs lifted off the floor.
    2. As you bend your knees in to a 90 degree angle, lift your arms straight over and down by your hips.
    3. As you arms move back over your head, your legs simultaneously move back out to a straight position.
    4. Repeat 15 to 20 times.

    Let me know how you get on!

    Lots of Love, Roxie xx

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