Sex injuries! These are officially the most dangerous rooms to have sex in

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  • Yes, there are some rooms that are seriously out to get you

    One of the great things sex really has going for it, is you can do it almost anywhere. Well, anywhere the law says is legal and won’t get you into trouble with the police or neighbours. But, let’s face it, most of us are very happy having sex in the comfort of our homes. Yet judging from a new survey, you may want to revise where exactly you’re having sex. Because when we’re talking sex injuries some rooms are way more dangerous than others. Yes, who knew.

    Thanks to the inquisitive experts at End of Tenancy Cleaning London, who asked 2,397 people where they were when sex injuries were sustained, it’s pretty clear we’re a pretty clumsy bunch when our minds are on other things, with 89% of men and 49% of women admitting they’ve accidentally injured themselves or a partner. The top five most-injured body parts were: head (72%), legs (61%), back (58%), hips (49%) and arms (38%). So, with one eye on the furniture and sharp objects what rooms are really trying hard to be passion killers?

    Don’t get steamy in bathroom

    A rendezvous in the bathroom is somewhere you want to steer clear of. A whopping 91% are injured during a steamy shower session with their partner. Even though it’s the most dangerous place in the house to have sex, a risk taking 75% confessed it was their most common place to have sex in.

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    Keep out of the kitchen

    With knives, cookers, and crockery all too close for comfort, it’s no surprise in second place is the kitchen with 86% injured whilst turning the heat up in this room. Again, this hasn’t deterred 69% saying it was their favourite place in the house to have sex. Must be the appeal of wipe-clean surfaces.

    Time to ban lounge love-ins 

    Perhaps sofas aren’t as comfy as we thought. A staggering 83% confessed they have sex here, while 75% have been injured getting lusty in the lounge.

    Watch out for bed, knobs and room tricks 

    Our favourite place to have sex (96% said so) also ranks as the fourth most dangerous room, with 72% saying they’ve come a cropper here. Careful under those duvets, people.

    Come down from the attic 

    With slanted and low roofs, is it any wonder 67% say they’ve had a sex-related injury in an attic or loft room? However, only 33% said this was a room they would have sex in. Finally, common sense prevails.

    Your safe sex room is… Larder

    …the larder. Yes, that quaint room that every nana in the UK used to store the teabags and biscuits is officially the safest place to have sex in, with only 3% coming down with a sex-related injury here. If anything it’s definitely a squeeze in there with all that foodstuff, and a discombobulating 10% admitted they like to make magic next to the Marmite. Whatever floats your boat, eh.

    Rooms with the most sex injuries caused 

    (% of votes in survey)

    1. Bathroom 91%
    2. Kitchen 86%
    3. Living room 75%
    4. Bedroom 72%
    5. Loft/Attic 67%
    6. Dining room 56%
    7. Annex 42%
    8. Office/Study 38%
    9. Utility room 37%
    10. Garage 21%
    11. Basement 16%
    12. Larder 3%

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