Marie Claire Jet Style is launching very soon - here's what you need to know

Feel like your pre-travel time could be spent on something more productive? Step right up

Marie Claire Jet Style

Feel like your pre-travel time could be spent on something more productive? Step right up

Last year, over 100 million people travelled through Heathrow and Gatwick airports alone – racking up around 178 minutes of 'lost time' as we wait around to take off. Ever felt like you could have spent that airport time doing something a bit more productive? Enter, Marie Claire Jet Style.

Founded by editorial and celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur Steph Stephenson, 215 multi-service salons will roll out across UK airport and train station hubs, starting with King's Cross St Pancras in winter – so you can get your hair and nails fixed before travelling.

'My lightbulb moment came when I realised that, like the 123,000 other women travelling through Heathrow, it had been a mad dash to get manicured and styled before I left, then I was sitting in an airport for two hours wasting time,' explains Steph. 'I wondered why, when 75% of us work full time, there wasn’t an option to maximise this lost time.

'The multi service salon was born from this need. I wanted to work with Marie Claire as the global experts in hair and beauty advice and education and the ideal platform to address women’s lifestyle needs; as such Marie Claire Jet Style was born.'

One thing's for sure, we'll all be looking very glam while we wait for the Eurostar...

Follow Jet Style's journey at @marieclairejetstyleofficial

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