Move over man buns... It's all about the man perm now

And world, you've got Jon Snow to thank for this

Kit Harington - Game of Thrones
Kit Harington - Game of Thrones
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And world, you've got Jon Snow to thank for this

Just a few weeks ago, you’d be hard pressed to walk down a street in any Hipster part of the world without seeing a guy sporting a top knot AKA The Man Bun.

You could say that Jared Leto sort of started it all, Harry Styles saw it to the height of its fame and the Fat Jewish took it mainstream.

Photos of hot guys with man buns. That is all.

Then all of a sudden, dudes started cutting them off faster than you can say, well, 'man bun'. And before we knew it, every über cool bloke on the block wanted to look like a certain Jon Snow.

But there’s an art to such hair. It’s nothing like Justin Timberlake’s tightly coiled coiffure of his N*SYNC Days, nor is it the ringlets of Bradley Cooper in American Hustle.

No, these are man curls.

"Men's perms are becoming extremely popular in our barbershop," Gemma Davies, co-owner of Devon‐based barbershop, R&G Barbers, told Mashable. "We have guys who come back after having perms wanting more."

By all means, we’re not saying it’s an entirely new trend. Gents have been perming their locks since the 1930s and in Japan and Korea, texture and curls is a big deal for guys. But there’s definitely been a resurgence of love for the loops in the UK.

Remember when someone tried to make clip-on man buns a thing?

And to be honest, we’re not overly surprised that guys want to look like Kit Harington.

Case in point...

Thanks Jon Snow.

The fellas in our life might not listen to us when we tell them what looks good, but they’ll sure as hell listen to an ex member of The Night’s Watch.

Natalie Lukaitis