Does Make-Up Technique 'Baking' Hold The Secret To Flawless Skin?

Here's the low-down on the latest beauty trend.

Heidi Hamoud
Heidi Hamoud
(Image credit: Heidi Hamoud Instagram)

Here's the low-down on the latest beauty trend.

The after day we get our heads around the art of clown contouring, we learn about a new trick for achieving flawless skin.

Baking (no, not the kind Mary Berry does on GBBO) involves letting make-up products 'cook' on your complexion before blending them together.

It's a technique that's long been used by drag artists and reality TV star Kim Kardashian is also said to be a fan.

Blogger and make-up artist Heidi Hamoud has posted a 14-minute clip to her YouTube account to give her followers a step-by-step guide on how to try it for themselves at home.

'It's pretty much when you apply a fair amount of powder under your eyes, leave it there for a little bit to wait for your concealer to set and then dust it off,' says Heidi.

She starts off by lifting and firming the skin under her eyes with a nourishing serum before layering on a thick concealer in an upwards motion.

Heidi then uses a damp beauty blender to work the liquid into her face and gently applies a second concealer on top, dabbing once again. Don't know what concealer to use? Head over to our sister site Powder to find one that's up to the job.

She sets her combination of cosmetics by swirling a brush into a pot of staying powder and touches up the rest of her features with any solution left on her beauty blender.

Ready to move on to the baking part, she spritzes a sponge with Mac Fix + and dips it into her translucent powder before applying generously under her eyes. She leaves the powder unblended for around five to ten minutes prior to dusting it off.

The footage has proved to be very popular, with plenty of beauty lovers leaving comments below.

'Love this video beb! Inspired me to go and try this right now!' one viewer exclaimed while another added: 'I've been dying to find out what this new technique for ages! definitely going to try it tomorrow night Xx

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