Lush is now removing eggs from all their products

'There are some harsh truths of egg production that are difficult to face up to.'

lush egg free

'There are some harsh truths of egg production that are difficult to face up to.'

Over the last few months, Lush has really upped their game. They recently launched five new conditioners, opened their first packaging-free store in the UK, and unveiled a palm oil-free soap to save endangered Orangutans.

So, yes, you could say they've been pretty busy when it comes to launching eco-friendly campaigns and innovative products.

And now they've decided to go one step further by removing eggs from all their products.

While the beauty brand prides itself on its many vegan and cruelty-free offerings, some of their face masks and hair treatments previously contained eggs - albeit using only free-range - but Lush has decided to go completely egg-free moving forward. Instead, they'll be using ingredients like chickpea aquafaba, tofu, soya yoghurt, and wheat gluten.

Lush said: ‘Lush has always used free range eggs and gradually tried to go beyond just free range and switch to supplies that met and exceeded the organic free-range criteria. Over the years the Buying team has visited many free-range chicken farms to see the chickens and check the standards.

'What has become clear during this process is that there are some hard truths of egg production that are difficult to face up to – and which are almost impossible for the egg industry to show to company buyers or consumers of eggs. We can visit the hens and see them living freely and eating good quality organic food, but what we cannot see, or film to show our customers, is the process before those hens arrive at the organic, free range farm.

'The hatching of millions of eggs at commercial hatcheries, the sorting of the chicks into female to be sent on to farms to lay eggs and the male chicks to go straight to their deaths by methods so brutal that it would be impossible to present on our website. We can no longer, in good conscience, use an ingredient that we are unable to be transparent about because the truth is so unpalatable.

'The only solution therefore was to work to reformulate our products to take eggs out. We are now at a stage where we can announced that we are ready to switch production to these new formulations and from now on Lush products will be completely egg-free.'

It is worth noting that while they'll no longer be using eggs in any of their products, it doesn't automatically make everything vegan. They still use honey and lanolin in some products, which many vegans choose to avoid.

The egg-free goods include Hair Custard, Curly Wurly shampoo, Jersey Bounce shampoo, H'suan Wen Hua hair treatment, Brazened Honey fresh face mask and Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask.

Even better, the D'Fluff shaving soap is now certified vegan. Yay!

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