Lush have unveiled a palm oil-free soap to save endangered Orangutans

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    Lush is known for creating innovative, hand made and eco-friendly products. Oh, and everything smells incredible. From their Sleepy body lotion which promises an excellent night’s sleep, to the Lush foundation ‘egg’ that is 100% vegan, they’ve got something for everyone. They even offer an amazing double massage at their London store spa which you absolutely need to try.

    But their latest offering is the thing that’s hitting the headlines – and for all the right reasons.

    Lush have unveiled a palm oil-free soap in order to save endangered Sumatran Orangutans.

    Just weeks ago, Iceland released an advert revealing that they are removing palm oil from all their products, but the commercial – which saw a baby Orangutan fleeing his home as a result of deforestation for the substance – was soon banned for being ‘too political’. However, Lush are proudly advertising their campaign against palm oil, which they started last year.

    Posting a picture of their latest product on Instagram, the brand wrote: ‘Say hello to Orangutan Soap! We’re releasing a very limited run of this patchouli and orange-scented sudser for a special cause. There are only 14,600 Sumatran Orangutans left thanks to the devastating effects of palm plantations and deforestation. When you purchase this soap, 100% of the sales minus the tax will go to the Orangutan Information Centre so they can buy 360 hectares of palm plantation in Indonesia to restore back to native forest.’

    Instead of using palm oil, Lush are using extra virgin coconut oil which is ethically sourced from Sumatra, Indonesia. The soaps are available for £8.25 and every penny goes to the cause.

    Lush is also releasing a limited edition palm oil-free edition of the SOS shampoo bar, containing moringa seed powder, softening virgin coconut oil and patchouli. It’s £8.50 and again, all the money you spend on these environmentally friendly products go to saving the Sumatran Orangutans.

    In 2017, the brand launched the #SOSsumatra campaign and raised over £126,000. Let’s see if they can do even better this year.

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