Huda and Mona Kattan have just launched a new fragrance collection and there’s a skincare line on the way. Hooray!

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  • Why launch one, when you can launch four?

    Huda Beauty – it’s quite the beauty phenomenon. There are waiting lists as long as your arm for new launches, products that can’t be kept in stock and a dedicated following that some brands can only dream of. The next step? Fragrance.


    Kayali is a side brand for the two Huda Beauty brand founders and sisters, Huda and Mona Kattan, and feature four fragrances.Was this the natural next step for them? ‘I actually didn’t want to do a fragrance in the beginning,’ explains Huda. ‘I struggled to understand how you sell or market fragrance, and it was difficult to visualise how this new sub-brand would work. Mona has always been obsessed with perfume and once she got me into fragrance layering – I knew we had to turn this into a lifestyle.’

    Fragrance layering is key to the brand’s ethos: ‘We want to introduce this culture of layering and experimenting with scent,’ says Mona. ‘The collection has four scents – one signature, created to be layered and combined with three variants. Each scent adds a different mood to the overall experience, and Kayali is designed to celebrate and enhance every layer of you.’

    The four fragrances are Elixir | 11, Vanilla | 28, Citrus | 08 and Musk | 12 – they’re sold separately, but designed to be used together.

    Kayali fragrances, £84 each Cult Beauty

    huda beauty frgrance


    The fragrances launch on Friday 16th, but you can sign up to the waiting list on Cult Beauty now.

    So what are the girls favourites? Mona likes to layer: ‘I use different combinations depending on how I’m feeling that day and where I’m going.  At the moment, one of my favourite blends is to start with ELIXIR | 11, then add VANILLA | 28, and finish with MUSK | 12. It creates the most gorgeous complex, floral scent.’ Huda on the other hand prefers to keep things simple, ‘CITRUS | 08 is not like other citrusy scents you have tried before, it’s a very feminine and hypnotic scent. ELIXIR | 11 is super addictive and just really sexy! When I spray it, it makes me feel really confident – it’s my fave!”

    Is this just the start of more sub-brands for Huda Beauty? It looks that way, Huda explains: ‘We are at a really exciting stage right now with the launch of Kayali, but we also have plans to launch a skincare brand in 2019 – which is also independent of Huda Beauty with its own identity.’

    Watch this space…

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